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Elizabeth Kemp

Los Angeles Masterclass

Australian Theatre Company is proud to announce our new association with 16th Street Actors Studio Australia. Our first program launched in June 2017 with Elizabeth Kemp's Character Dream Masterclass. Elizabeth was the Co-Associate Artistic Director of The Actors Studio NY until her passing in September 2017. Elizabeth and her work had a profound effect on the artistic lives of actor’s around the world including Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.


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Les Chantery

Los Angeles Workshop

“Are you screen testing well?”  This is a question that Al Pacino asked Les Chantery when they worked together, several years ago.

For Les, this question propelled him on a quest to understand, what were the common factors (other than talent) in all successful screen tests, that either got the actor the job or the attention of the casting director.

Les teaches an essential skill that all actors must master – How to show up when it matters most – in the screen test. He teaches actors what is crucial to know about performances that ‘Pop’ within the restraint of the mid-shot frame.

This 3-day workshop will equip actors with the most advanced and effective audition skills and techniques. Covering crucial aspects of the audition process, from script analysis and preparation, to being in front of a casting director.  The art of self-taping is also covered, allowing actors to create dynamic screen tests on their own.