What is this workshop about?
Put simply, this workshop is about theatre and the opportunity to read and work on the new works of Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, John Patrick Shanley alongside the writer himself. Through discussion and analysis, we will be given a rare insight into the creative process that has seen Mr. Shanley produce some of the greatest plays of our time. Participants will have the opportunity to get up on the floor and be directly guided by Mr. Shanley in scene work as we explore the actor/writer/director rehearsal process.

Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is for all artists over the age of 21. No matter who you are, or where you're from in the world. For anyone involved in theatre, film, acting, directing, and writing. However, participants will come from an acting background.

How do I apply to be a participant?
Applications are now closed.

I’d like to participate, but I’m not sure if I can block out an entire week. What if I need to cancel, book a job or need to go to an important audition(s) during the week?
We do ask that this be your priority for the week, although we understand that things may come up. Once you are offered a place, you will have 1 week in which to cancel without losing your deposit. After that, it’s contingent upon whether or not we are able to successfully fill your place.

As places are limited, will there be a waitlist in case of cancellations?

Is there an opportunity to observe the work, rather than participate?
Yes. This workshop is open to anybody wishing to audit. We have 1 day and 5 day packages available for auditors. Simply click on the day you’d like to audit and make your selection. Prices are listed for each option available. You can reserve your auditing place by clicking here.

If I book a day to audit but have to cancel, will I get a refund?
We do not issue refunds, however if you need to make a change, we will endeavor to find another suitable day for you to audit. Although we will do our best to accommodate you, we cannot guarantee any changes. All changes will be limited by availability.

Can I leave for part of the day and return again later?
If you are a participant, no. You will be required to be in attendance throughout the workshop unless prior arrangements have been made. There will be breaks, however during session there will be a closed door policy out of respect to Mr. Shanley and the participants.

What if I can only come for part of the day? Do you offer ½ day auditing?
No, our auditing prices are for a full day. However, you are more than welcome to attend for only part of the day. Just be aware that we will need to seat you during breaks in the workshop as we will not interrupt the work during session.

Can I film/record this workshop?
No. Recording and/or filming will be strictly prohibited throughout this workshop. It is recommended that auditors and participants bring along a notebook and pen for note taking.

Can I take notes on my laptop/tablet/phone?
No. With the exception of your cell phones, no electronic devices will be permitted inside the workshop. During the workshop, we ask that you switch your phone off completely.

Can we bring our own food/drinks to the workshop?
Yes, but only bottled water will be permitted inside the theatre. You are welcome to bring your own food and other drinks with you as long as they are consumed outside the theatre during breaks.

Is there anywhere nearby to purchase food and drinks?
Yes. The Sheen Centre will sell concessions and there are several food options nearby. The village is a great neighborhood with many cafes and restaurants in short walking distance.

Is there parking available onsite?