The Summer Reading Series is part of our development process for future productions. Previous themes have included 'Stage to Screen' (great plays that have inspired films) and 'Works by Women' (plays by Australian female writers presented on the U.S. stage for the first time). Our 2016 main stage productions of Speaking In Tongues and Ruben Guthrie were both featured in the reading series. This annual community event is also a way for us to connect with local and international writers, actors, and other theatre practitioners, and to develop new audiences.

The Summer Reading Series is presented by the Australian Consulate General of Los Angeles. Admission is always free.

We are excited to announce the four plays for our upcoming 2018 Summer Reading Series. The readings will take place every Monday evening in June at 8pm at the Zephyr Theatre - 7456 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90046.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the theatre!



Written by Andrew Bovell
Directed by Jeneffa Soldatic

As the seasons unfold over the course of a year, Bob and Fran Price watch as their four adult children make decisions that will change the course of their lives. Things I know to be True is about the resilience of a marriage as the parents weather a series of unforeseen and heartbreaking crises that question the very foundations of the family they have built.   

Cast Lucy Fry, Nate Jones, Luke McKenzie, Rena Owen, Sean Taylor & Kym Wilson

Monday 4th June 2018 @ 8pm
Zephyr Theatre - 7456 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90046

Cast announcement.jpg


Written by Nicki Bloom
Directed by Jeff Janisheski

Joseph Vale is on top of the world. The self-made head of an eponymous hotel empire, he’s all set to spend New Year’s Eve toasting his successes and celebrating everything he has ever built. Along for the ride is his wife Tina, their newly graduated university educated daughter Isla and her ambitious young boyfriend Angus. Champagne corks pop, egos and ambition collide and the night catches alight with the arrival of an unexpected guest.

Cast Gia Carides, Sophie Don, Jonny Pasvolsky, Felicity Price & Dakota Shapiro

Monday 11th June 2018 @ 8pm
Zephyr Theatre - 7456 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90046

Vale cast announcement.jpg


Written by Justin Fleming
Directed by Wayne Harrison

In the Sydney Opera House Green Room, an American Opera Singer waits anxiously with his fellow players to find out if he is about to take to the stage to finally play the role of his dreams for the very first time. When pressed by his anxious co-stars to reveal his mysterious past, we discover an extraordinary love story, an epic human rights story and a tale that takes us back to the iconic Continental bath house in New York. We are transported to the infamous gay sauna - come cabaret venue that launched the careers of Bette Midler - the Divine Miss M and Barry Manilow, and played host to some of the greatest entertainers of the time including Stevie Wonder, Cab Calloway and Peter Allen who all reappear to help tell his incredible story.

Cast Ash Bee, Andrew Bongiorno, Robyn Cohen, Nicholas Connell, Philip Guerette, Nick Hardcastle, Bjørn Johnson, Parnell Marcano, Andrew Puente & Suzanne Vinnik

Monday 18th June 2018 @ 8pm
Zephyr Theatre - 7456 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90046

Continental cast announcement.jpg


Written by Antony Bowman
Directed by Jeanie Drynan

On a wet, winding road in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, prominent architect, Michael Fields, loses his life in a horrific car accident ... After the funeral service, his wife makes their harbourside apartment available for a small gathering of family and friends. Caught in limbo, Michael appears as a spirit ... In anger, desperation and reflection he realizes that he has to endure the surprising revelations brought on by family and friends. In this black comedy, Michael bears witness to the hard truth about his personal and business life... He learns of a close colleague’s betrayal ... the seriousness of an unrequited love; the neglected needs of a loving wife and the tragic loss of a failed pregnancy. For a man of power and control, Michael feels helpless in this environment. But his journey of self-discovery finally allows him to move on... somewhere!

Cast Martin Copping, Katherine Hicks, Tina Kobas, Mark Neal & Damian Sommerlad

Monday 25th June 2018 @ 8pm
Zephyr Theatre - 7456 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90046

Somewhere cast announcement.jpg